Atomic data vous connaissez?

Via @pierre

Atomic Data is a modular specification for modeling and exchanging linked data. It uses links to connect pieces of data, and therefore makes it easier to connect datasets to each other, even when these datasets exist on separate machines. It aims to help realize a more decentralized internet that encourages data ownership and interoperability.

Atomic Data is especially suitable for knowledge graphs, distributed datasets, semantic data, p2p applications, decentralized apps, and data that is meant to be shared. It is designed to be highly extensible, easy to use, and to make the process of domain specific standardization as simple as possible. Check out the docs for more information about Atomic Data.

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Côté Startin’blox on connaît oui, on connaît aussi Joep, le créateur d’Atomic Data.

Par contre, jamais réellement utilisé, je ne suis pas allé plus loin que le setup d’une démo sur ma machine et je ne suis pas très au clair sur comment on pourrait intégrer ça à ce qu’on fait déjà.

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